Hestia Society Application

The Hestia Society is always looking for more talented men to work with. This application is the first step to getting involved in our chapter system and internal discussion and research networks.

We estimate that it should take about 10-20 minutes. We will get back to you one way or another.


For the sake of privacy, and so everyone can speak freely, we like everyone to use a real-sounding pseudonym, with a corresponding email address. What is your pseudonym and email?

Is there any public material of yours you can link so we can get to know your thoughts and style better? For example: a website, a Twitter account, your writing, your Linkedin, etc. Feel free to link real name stuff as well.

Personal Details

Where do you currently live? We may be able to introduce you to others in your area.

Tell us a bit about yourself: a simple biography of who you are, what you do, who you identify with, and whatever else you think is relevent.

What skills and resources do you have that could be helpful? If you were to get involved, what would you want to do or bring to the table?


How has your worldview evolved over time? What books, communities, blogs, or other resources have been most influential? How would you describe your views now?

What do you think of Hestia's work and the current state of Neoreaction overall? Where is Neoreactionary ideology and strategy most in need of improvement?


How did you find out about the Hestia Society? How were you referred to this application form?

Is there anything else we should know?