About Us

The current crisis of civilization demands a careful replacement of failing Western political institutions.

The Hestia Society is a neoreactionary fraternal network dedicated to the Restoration of Western Civilization.

If you have the right stuff, apply to join us, or get in touch:

Twitter: @hestiasociety

Email: contact@hestiasociety.org

Research Program

Restoration is an intellectual project first: mapping the realities of power in the modern world, mining history for statecraft insight, and studying the future of civilization under the American Empire.

Our full-time researchers and wider intellectual community are answering these key questions with a systematic research program.

Get in touch or apply to contribute.

Chapter Network

We have chapters in major North American cities:

Email your local chapter to get involved, or apply directly.

Social Matter

We publish our perspective and some research on our online magazine, Social Matter, to inspire men of vision to join us in the project of Restoration. We also run The Future Primaeval and Post-Anathema.

You are encouraged to submit articles to Social Matter.