The Only Morality is Civilization


Our ideology and movement dedicated to remaking Western civilization to be more effective, orderly, and glorious than it ever was, and securing a future among the stars.

We believe in the sovereign unity of Western civilization, secure personal authority and judgment at all scales, traditional social roles, lawful decentralized hierarchical organization, the human dignity of purposeful work, and the vast potential of well-organized human civilization.

Website: neoreaction.net.

Our Projects

Publications: Our ideas and viewpoints on the web: Social Matter, The Future Primaeval, Post-Anathema.

Chapter Network: We have chapters in some major cities: Vancouver, NYC, San Francisco.

Online Community: We organize some public discourse: r/nrxn, Social Matter Forum.

Research: We are developing a comprehensive understanding of human civilization, and how to improve it.


We are glad to answer questions and meet with sincere inquirers:

Twitter: @hestiasociety

Email: <hestiasociety@gmail.com>

Urbit: Coming soon.